electrified delivery
& mobility vehicles

Either you’re contributing to a greener world or you’re promoting a more polluted one.

The idea of Musoshi

We design and manufacture vehicles we also drive ourselves. Our designs reflect our passion for logistics and vision for a better world.

We are also big delivery fleet owners ourselves. We realize that going electric should not hurt pockets. While designing user-friendly vehicles we also make sure that our designs are also fleet owner and investor friendly.

All our vehicles are designed with versatility, durability, functionality, user experience, and affordability in mind.

Why Musoshi?

Just because you don’t see the air pollution, does not mean it is not there.


Musoshi Pop-Up

Musoshi Pop-Up supports ”Eco-friendly delivery services” in its perfect form.

Musoshi is entering the market with its Pop-Up series Cargo model (Pop-Up-c).

  • It is Zero Emissions
  • It’s one-of-a-kind design turns heads
  • It’s versatility makes it unique in terms of areas of usage
  • Easy to use
  • Compact in size but big in cargo volume capacity

Targeted Audience

  • B2C Delivery Companies
  • Postal Services
  • Courier Companies
  • Retailers
  • Corporate Campuses

Where does it fit in?

  • Eco-friendly cities
  • Home & short distance deliveries
  • High population and traffic zones
  • e-Commerce delivery-intensive locations
  • Mega factories and airports
  • Amusement Parks, Recreational zones and Hotels

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