Easy Entry and Exit from the Vehicle

Our cabins are designed to ensure easy entry or exit. Given that a potential user will exit and enter into our cabins at an average of 30 times a day, it is crucial to have easy access to ensure the posture health of drivers.

Horizontal Parking Permitted

Our vehicles are designed to fit in places where the conventional delivery vehicles can’t. We kept the length of our vehicles short enough so you can back in towards the city side-walks and the front of your vehicle will still not disturb the road traffic.

Ready to Install Roof Bars

You can install roof bars of any kind to display advertising material or transform it into police or parking authority vehicles by attaching radars, sirens, or cameras onto these bars.

Removable Doors with Security Belts

On a hot summer day, feel free to easily remove the doors to feel the breeze outside while ejoying the security of the *side bars.

* Side bars optional