Panoramic View from Drivers Cabin

Both the driver seating position and the cabin windshield are designed to ensure the highest outside visibility. You will never feel trapped in this vehicle.

Bluetooth Speaker & Entertainment System (Automatic Side windows opt.)

Work is important. So is music! Enjoy our bluetooth speaker system while driving and get connected when someone calls you, so you can talk to colleagues hands-free while driving.

3 USB Port Plug Entries for Phones, Barcode Readers etc.

We know you can never go off-line during work which is why we have equipped our vehicles with multiple USB ports. Your much needed phones, i-Pads, and other equipments are always up and running.

Dual Direction Manual Door Windows (Automatic Side windows opt.)

Our standard two way door windows will make it easier for you to exchange documents or receive fresh air from outside.

Our Seats

The user experience starts with the seat. Since the driver will be sitting on it all day long, it is the one piece that will really define how the user feels. This is why we placed our comfortable, 3” cushioned seats with rotatable side armrests inside the cabin.

Folding Passenger Seat

When traveling alone, you might need that extra space next to your seat to stage the deliveries for the next drop off point. Simply fold the passenger seat and Voila! Here is the space you need for staging and reaching back to the cargo space.

Multiple Document or Equipment Holding Area

Within our drivers cabin, you will find more than enough space to keep your documents or the equipments you might need to manage your deliveries.

Dual Cup Holders

Early mornings, during rush hours or late night shifts can’t have a vehicle without cup holders. Feel free to enjoy your coffee or cold beverages using our ergonomically located cup holders.