Model Pop-Up is an autocycle and is a lot safer than a motor cycle.

  • Musoshi Pop-Up is a low-speed vehicle. (39 mph. max speed)
  • Even though it is a tricycle, it is driven like a car. (Wheel on the right or the left side)
  • The intended use of the Model Pop-Up is for short distances within the cities.
  • It is not designed for highways or fast driving conditions. So the standards that are required in normal passenger cars are not required in model Pop-Up(Airbags etc.).

Safety of our drivers is important to us.

A Strong Chassis

An agile and strong chassis that can support up to 1.2 tons of weight in rugged city streets with pot holes and during sharp turns.

Standard Seat Belts

Seat belts are not a legal obligation for Model Pop-Up. But it is for us. Which is why we have added seat belts for both the driver and the passenger as a standard option to all our vehicles.

Break Systems

Stopping a 1.1 tons vehicle in traffic with constant full stops is no joke. So is our 9.5” rear drum brakes and 8.5” front disc calipers.

Pan Hard Bar

The Pan Hard bar eliminates the ”swinging like a boat” feel during turns or bumps. This rigidity gives a more solid drive feeling while making it harder to tumble the vehicle during a sharp turn.

Side Door Protection

Model Pop-Up side doors have steel bars inside them for side impact protection during a minor crash.

Steering Systems

Traditional tri-cycles are designed with motorcycle like handlebars. Model Pop-Up runs on a steering system just like a car. This limits the driver from making extreme turns which can result in tumbling the vehicle.

Battery Safety

We use the best battery brands (LG/Samsung) and top quality packaging materials for our battery packs to prevent battery related fires.

Windshield & Windows

Model Pop-Up windshield and side windows are all made of tempered glass. Our 1/2 inch thick windshield is above the standards of a low speed vehicle standard.

Outer Body

Model Pop-Up not only has a strong chassis but also has a very strong outer body frame, made from Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) composite material.