Just because you don’t see the air pollution, does not mean it is not there.

Today governments and eco-friendly corporates are taking an action to go green and save the earth.

Cars and commercial vehicles are the main reasons for the air pollution within populated mega cities. So additional taxes and government pressure is finally out there to save these cities. Which is why companies are looking for an alternative to replace their existing fuel powered fleet with Electric Vehicles (EVs).

The big car manufacturers are taking their time, simply because they have to. They still need to depreciate their existing fuel powered vehicle production lines. Even if they start restructuring today, it would take them many years to get there. And when they do, it would be the passenger cars they would manufacture first because thats where the high production volumes are.

So today, when it comes to offering customers electric delivery vehicles, what do they do? They modify their existing fuel powered delivery models into electric powered vehicles but with a hefty price tag. This makes it very hard to build a commercial case for the potential buyers. Result? Customers continue buying fuel powered vehicles for as long as they can, because considering the transitioning cost and their fleet in hand, it is still cheaper to operate.

This is why we started Musoshi electric vehicle (EV) Company

We did not want to waste time, and wait to see if an affordable EV that would respond to our needs would come in to the market sometime soon. So we designed and started manufacturing our own. Our purpose-built electric distribution vehicles would not only fill this gap within the electric utility vehicles segment, but actually revolutionize it. We are here to build EV’s that are not only affordable and durable, but also extremely functional.